Jar of Marbles II: Journey to the West

Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn

Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Dynasty

Cursed Memories: The Secret of Agony Creek

Grim Facade: Mystery of Venice

Hodgepodge Hollow

L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Chronicles of Mystery: Tree of Life

Secret Diaries: Florence Ashford

The Stroke of Midnight

Fear For Sale: Mystery of McInroy Manor

Mystery Valley

The Theatre of Shadows: As You Wish

The Curse of the Ring

Gravely Silent: House of Deadlock

Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart

Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty

Mishap 2: An Intentional Haunting


Crazy Machines: Inventor Training Camp

Letters from Nowhere 2

Murder Island: Secret of Tantalus

Spirit Soup: The Queensbury Curse

Youda Safari

Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds

Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets

Wonder World

Pirate Solitaire

Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club

Legends of Solitaire: The Lost Cards

Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder

Infected: The Twin Vaccine Collector’s Edition

Shiver: Poltergeist

Patricia's Quest for Sun

Christmas Tales: Fellina's Journey

Old Clockmaker's Riddle

Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee

Echoes of Sorrow

Safari Quest

Sacra Terra: Angelic Night

Mystika: Between Light and Shadow

Fiction Fixers: The Curse of OZ

Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of the Full Moon

Making Mr. Right

Journey of Hope

Funny Miners

Special Enquiry Detail: Engaged to Kill

Haunted Halls: Fears from Childhood

The Bluecoats: North vs South

Immortal Lovers

Cardboard Castle

The Heritage

Lost in Time: The Clockwork Tower


Fate of the Pharaoh

Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hills

Robin's Quest: A Legend Born

Stand O'Food 3

Hidden Object Movie Studios: I'll Believe You

7 Gates: The Path to Zamolxes

American Pickers: The Road Less Traveled

Robin's Island Adventure

FBI: Paranormal Case

The Lost Kingdom Prophecy

Final Cut: Death on the Silver Screen

Journalistic Investigations: Stolen Inheritance

Flower of Immortality

Great Adventures: Xmas Edition

Nightmare on the Pacific

Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White

Haunted Hotel: Lonely Dream

Christmas Wonderland


Spa Mania 2

Fairy Maids

Sale Frenzy

Mystery of Mortlake Mansion

Treasures of the Serengeti